2017 California Real Estate Predictions

California’s housing market will post modest gains next year amid tight supplies and the lowest housing affordability in six years according to the California Association of Realtors forecast Sales of existing single-family homes – which make up about 68 percent of the overall market – are projected to rise 1.4 percent in 2017 to 413,000 transactions.

New 2017 Traffic Laws

With the new year less than a week away, the California Department of Motor Vehicles has issued a reminder to state motorists about a slew of new transportation-related laws that are set to go into effect. The laws govern everything from the use of electronic wireless devices in cars, to child safety seats and motorcycle lane splitting, according to a…

Jeff’s Fix to Unclog Your Drains

Calling a plumber out to snake a slow drain is expensive. Often a slow drain is not seriously obstructed, but may be blocked enough that typical chemical cleaners won’t do the job. If you have slow drains, there’s an inexpensive DIY tool on the market perfect for handling those medium-sized clogs. It’s called Zip-It.